Fort Myers Pest Control Company Announces the Arrival of Termite Swarming Season



Fort Myers pest control company, Larue Pest Management, announces that Termite swarming season is approaching in a few weeks, and will continue through April. During this time, Larue stresses that it is essential to monitor for subterranean termites, and implement a treatment to prevent and eliminate termites and other pests.

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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA (February 17, 2012) – The good news? For those living in Florida during the winter and spring months, the sunshine and blue skies are abundant! The bad news? So are the termites. Unfortunately, Florida must take the good with the bad. This means that, along with gorgeous weather during the months of February through April, residents must also contend with “termite swarming season”. Fort Myers pest control company, Larue Pest Management, warns that termite swarming season will be upon us by the end of this month, and will continue through April.

“During swarming season, termite “swarmers” (basically, termites with wings) are designated to fly away from the colony and spread the colony to new places," said Keith Ruebeling of Larue Pest Management. These termites are only capable of spreading the colony and can not cause any damage to your home. However, their children, the worker termites will eat and destroy the wood in your home. Therefore, it is imperative to have your home inspected for subterranean termites during this time, and to take the proper measures to prevent termites, as well as other pests, from invading your home or business."

Termite Nest
Termite Nest

Larue Pest Management offers a solution for the detection and prevention of termites, called the Sentricon System with Always Active® Technology. This utilizes a unique system to detect and prevent subterranean termites, eliminating them before they have the opportunity to infest a home. The technology uses bait stations, placed in the soil at precise intervals around the property, which contain a constant supply of the Recruit® HD Bait Matrix. This provides 24/7 protection for the home against subterranean termites. Larue will also monitor the Sentricon stations periodically for signs of termite activity.

Larue also offers a comprehensive service for residential properties to eliminate all pests, called the “Homeguard Pest Protection Service”. This service includes a thorough inspection of the home, inside and out, to check for current or potential pest problems. In addition to termites, Larue will also be checking for other common Florida pests, such as ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas, and rodents. Once the inspection has been performed, a treatment is administered to key harborage areas inside of the home, as well as to the exterior perimeter. Routine quarterly visits are then provided to maintain pest and termite protection.

Ruebeling added, “Having an inspection for subterranean termites during the swarming months is your best defense against a termite infestation. If you have already found termite swarmers leaving from the structure of a window, door, porch columns, or any wood structure, then you should contact a pest service immediately. Once termite swarmers are inside these structures, they have the ability to mate and begin reproducing working termites, which will cause damage to your home. If you begin seeing multiple swarmers, more than likely this indicates that a colony has formed somewhere in or near your home. The quicker you take care of the problem, the less damage will be done to your home.”

For more information about termites, the “Homeguard Pest Prevention Service”, or for any pest control needs, call Larue Pest Management at (800) 314-8813.

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