Drywood Termite Control

Do you suspect that your home may be infested with drywood termites? 

Termites are quite common here in Southwest Florida. However, unlike subterranean termites, treatment of the soil under and around a home will not protect it from a drywood termite infestation. To make matters worse, they often remain hidden within the wood on which they feed, so they are seldom seen. But there are some signs to be on the look out for!

Signs of an infestation include:

  • Winged insects emerging in evenings and night attracted to lights or TV. 
  • Discarded wings accumulating around window sills or in spider webs.
  • Wooden pellets (much smaller that rice grains) accumulating on floors or under furniture. These pellets are cream to reddish-brown or black. The color of the pellets is not related to the color of the wood. The pellets are about 1-2 mm long and distinctively six-sided, making them easily distinguishable from other wood-destroying organisms. Pellets usually fall into piles as the termites push them out of the infested wood. 
  • A sign of advanced infestation is surface blisters. These termites sometimes tunnel close to the surface giving the wood a blistered appearance. Infestations may be detected by tapping the wood every few inches with the handle of a screwdriver. Damaged wood sounds hollow - a papery rustling sound indicates tunnels just beneath the surface. 

Treatments for drywood termites and subterranean termites are very different, but the average homeowner would have a hard time visually identifying one from the other, so proper termite control for your home always starts with an inspection by a trained professional.

Larue's Drywood Termite Control options include:

  • Whole structure fumigation 
  • Spot treatment with insecticides
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