10: Get Rid of Drain Flies

Get Rid of Drain Flies (aka "Moth Flies" or Clogmia albipunctata)

This is the tenth of 15 Household Bugs in SW Florida That May Freak You Out, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If you have been away on vacation or haven’t used a guest bathroom in many months, you may get freaked out when you see a swarm of tiny flies near your drain. These “drain flies” (also known as moth flies) are very small…about a sixth of an inch. They do have a slightly freaky appearance, and can look fuzzy.

Another clue that the bug you’re looking at is a drain fly is that it’s bad at flying. They won’t go more than a few feet, and it might seem as though they’re hopping rather than flying. They also don’t bite.

Nine times out of ten, a drain fly problem will go away on its own. Once you get rid of the drain flies that you see, start flushing toilets and running the water in your sinks. This eliminates the standing water in which they dwell.

In some cases, drain flies might be flying into your house through an open window or door. Because they are so small, they can slip through screens that other large insects can’t. In those instances, their breeding area may be a clogged gutter or other source of standing water outside. What if you’re still unable to get rid of drain flies?

If you have killed many sets of drain flies over the course of more than 2 weeks, your house many have a well-developed breeding site. In that case, you will probably need a professional to end the infestation.

15 Household Bugs in Southwest Florida That May Freak You OutAlthough you may be temporarily freaked out by drain flies, remember that the solution is probably an easy one. If you plan to go on vacation or leave your house vacant, have a trusted friend or neighbor come in to flush your toilets and turn your faucets on and off. You will be eliminating a major habitat for drain flies.

Getting rid of drain flies is relatively easy when compared to let’s say, bed bugs or termites so don’t get too concerned with the issue. But if they simply refuse to go away with these simple tips above, get in touch with us at LaruePest.com/contact and we’ll fix the problem. :)

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