#10: My Grass is Greener. Now I Need Shrub Care!

Shrub Care

This is the 10th installment in “11 Ways to Ensure You Have the Greenest, Healthiest Lawn in Your Neighborhood which can be downloaded for FREE from our library of eBooks.

There are a wide variety of shrubs that can grow successfully in southwest Florida. For a beautiful accent to you lawn, remember these three fundamentals to shrub care:


Make sure there is enough light, or your plants could wither and die by failing to photosynthesize enough food for themselves. For some species, you’ll want to make sure there’s not too much light – which could make conditions hot and unfavorable.

11 Ways to Ensure You Have the Greenest Healthiest Lawn in Your NeighborhoodSpace

Give your shrubs enough room to grow. If they’ve reached a mature height, you’ll want to prune them every year to maintain a clean look. It’s important not to prune in late summer or fall on tropical varieties that are stressed by winter temperatures.


Lay organic mulch in your landscaping areas at least once every year, get Cape Coral lawn care and you can stop worrying today! It not only improves the aesthetics of the beds, it also helps them stay healthy and weed-free. Check at least once a month for signs of insects.

If you can master those three fundamentals to shrub care, you’re well on your way to beautiful landscaping. You’ll still want to watch for unusual circumstances – like winter freezes. In north and central Florida, freezes are common and usually occur every year. But in south Florida, it’s rare for temperatures to fall so low. If they do, your tropical and subtropical plants could die if not properly protected. Use a sheet, quilt, or plastic tarp to cover plants. Covers should not touch the plants themselves and should extend all the way to the ground. Remember to take them up in the morning if it’s sunny outside. If your plants are potted, you can simply move them indoors during a freeze.

Larue’s tree & shrub care program provides fertilization and controls unwanted insects and certain leaf diseases that affect Florida landscapes. Contact us or call us at (800) 314-8813 today and get Cape Coral lawn care and a free inspection!

– Keith