Fort Myers Pest Control: Tip 4 “How to Attack the Source of Subterranean Termites?”

Subterranean Termites

This is the 4th of 7 Tips to Prevent Termites from Eating You Out of House & Home which can be downloaded for FREE from my library of eBooks.

Termites are highly social insects. Within the colony, hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of termites work and live together.

There are two main types of termites that attack structures here in Florida.

The subterranean termite and the drywood termite. Subterranean termites usually live underground where they constantly tunnel for food.

Drywood termites live completely inside the wood they are infesting and never have contact with the soil. Correct identification of termites in a structure is extremely important.

Most subterranean termites enter structures from the ground. A structure that contains wood, including trees, near the foundation often becomes infested. The termites then move to other areas of a house and continue to destroy the wood.

A neighbor’s termites won’t necessarily become yours, but there is a real risk. With these termites traveling from 50-75 feet from the nest to feed and not knowing exactly where that nest is, there is a good chance you are within reach.

Research here in Florida has shown that:

  • Multiple colonies exist on each acre of land
  • These termite colonies are constantly and randomly foraging for food!

That’s why having some sort of preventative termite treatment in place such as the Sentricon System, which targets the colony, is more than just a good idea, it’s essential! Waiting until a problem is discovered can be a costly mistake.

If you’re interested in protecting your from home these silent invaders, call us at (800) 314-8813 immediately for a free termite inspection. You can also learn a lot about subterranean termites by downloading one of our free eBooks below:

7 Tips to Prevent Termites from Eating You Out of House and Home 5 Things You Need to Know About Subterranean Termites