4 Ways to Save Money While Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral or any part of Southwest Florida

Bed bugs have steadily spread across the United States in recent years. In fact, if you check the bed bug registry you can see the areas of the U.S. where they are concentrated the most.

We’ve all heard stories of bed bugs infesting buildings across the United States. But what you may not know is that bed bugs are a lot closer to our homes in Southwest Florida than you might think. For example, did you know that:

1. Information for Travelers
Bed bugs also infest dorm rooms, restaurants, and any place that has warm human blood…especially hotels. Why? Because travelers may unknowingly bring bed bugs in with their luggage and stay in a room. The bugs stay long after the traveler has left and then hitchhike in the luggage of the next guest and the cycle continues. Bed bugs in hotels are a serious threat to frequent travelers because they are especially at risk of bringing the pests home.

Our Recommendation for Frequent Travelers
If you’re a frequent traveler, we suggest you purchase a few Climbup interceptors and place these traps under the legs of your bed. Another smart investment that we recommend would be a mattress cover.

2. Information for Homeowners
If you spot these little blood sucking critters early, you’ll pay much less to get rid of bed bugs rather than trying to treat a full blown infestation.

Our recommendation for spotting bed bugs:
Regularly check your the seams of the mattress, sofa seams, cracks in the bed frame and headboard, backpacks, sleeping bags, light switches, electrical outlet plates, curtains, moldings, and door frames.

3. DIY or Not?
You can try to get rid of bed bugs yourself by washing everything in extremely hot water and vacuuming relentlessly. Be prepared, this could take a while.

Our Recommendation for “Do-It-Yourselfers”
Do it yourself as long as you have a high tolerance for aggravation. For every bug you see, there are 12 you don’t see. We suggest calling a licensed pest control expert with bed bug experience. Ensure that you call a QualityPro approved pest inspection company. Check the business listings that start with the letter “L” first. ;)

4. Who is responsible for the bill?
Don’t count on your homeowners insurance company to cover bedbug treatments or damages.

Bed Bugs: 12 Tips to Help You Sleep EasyIf you’re a tenant who rents in the cities of New York, San Francisco, or Boston, there is some good news…these cities require your landlord to pay for bed bug extermination. As for Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, and the rest of Southwest Florida, no precedent has been set quite yet.

If you bring bedbugs home from the office, see if your boss will pick up the tab.

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