5: Get Rid of Cape Coral Fleas

Flea - Photo courtesy of Kat M Research

This is the fifth installment of 15 Household Bugs in SW Florida That May Freak You Out, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

Although a flea is a tiny insect, and not that threatening on its own, when in great numbers, these little guys can really freak you out.

You may just be walking across your carpet one day, feel a tiny bite, look down, and notice little bugs jumping onto your feet. These freaky pests are especially likely if you have pets….

There are several species of flea; in Cape Coral Florida, the cat flea is the most common. But, despite its name, the cat flea can suck blood from dogs, humans and other animals just as well as it can from cats.

Fleas find it easiest to breed where there are pets or other animals. You may suspect a flea problem if your pets’ coat starts to look unkept. It may be caused by your cat or dog scratching their flea bites. In more severe cases, your pet may start to lose their fur or become anemic from loss of blood.

If the Cape Coral fleas are biting you, you may have red spots from the bites. Some people find the bites very itchy, while others are less affected.

Removing fleas from your pet is usually the best first step. You can use a flea comb, flea shampoo or treatments like Advantage or Frontline. You can talk to your Cape Coral vet about ways to eliminate fleas. But, if you aren’t successful, then there is more you can do.

First, throw away any of your pet’s bedding or other fabric toys that may be infested. Even if you can’t see fleas on them, the larvae may be present. Vacuum the entire house, concentrating on the areas frequented by your pet. Throw away the vacuum bag as soon as you are done (the larvae and fleas are still alive in there!).15 Household Bugs in Southwest Florida That May Freak You Out

If you are still suffering, it may be time to get professional help. Your Cape Coral pest control specialist may recommend an insecticide carpet treatment and can also treat the yard for fleas. You don’t have to live with a flea problem forever – it is treatable!

If you’re dealing with an annoying flea infestation in Cape Coral, please drop us an email or simply call (800) 314-8813 to help you get them under control!

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