5 Things You Need to Know about Subterranean Termites

The “Formosan” subterranean termite is by far, one of the most destructive types of termites in the world today, and guess what…

…it’s found ALL over Florida.

Generally, these guys swarm from March through July on calm, warm, humid evenings, however, we see the biggest concentrations in April.

Here’s 5 Things You Need To Know About Subterranean Termites:

  1. What, exactly, is a Subterranean Termite?
  2. Termite Control – What’s your next step?
  3. Termite Inspection – Who ya gonna call?
  4. Termite Treatment – How do I get rid of these things?
  5. Termite Damage – They’re small, but mighty!

If you think you’re having a termite problem, or any other pest problem, feel free to give us a call at (800) 314-8813 or contact us on our Web Site.

Remember, call Larue – we know just what to do! ;)

– Keith

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  1. Thank you for this valuable information. I don’t think people actually realize just how much damage these little creatures can cause. As you know I have had termite problems in the past and have see the damage they can do. Now that Larue Pest Management has taken over my termite treatment with the Centricon System I have had absolutely no further termite problems in my Fort Myers home in over 12 years. Thank You Keith!

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