6: Are Fort Myers Ticks Tick’n You Off?

Tick (Photo Courtesy of Andre Karwath)

This is the sixth installment of 15 Household Bugs in SW Florida That May Freak You Out, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

Ticks are one of the freakiest bugs on our list, not because of their appearance, but because of their ability to transmit disease. They are carriers of many infections, including Lyme disease. Most Fort Myers ticks do not carry the disease, but it’s important to know about it as a precaution.

Lyme disease includes symptoms like fever, chills, headache and fatigue. Early symptoms may also include itchiness, fainting and muscle pain. It’s important to go to a doctor right away if you have symptoms of Lyme disease. When it it treated early with antibiotics, Lyme disease will be knocked out. However, if left untreated, symptoms can become more severe. Damage to the joints, heart and nervous system disorders may occur.

In Fort Myers, ticks are most active from October to May. Here are the best ways to prevent ticks from from biting you

  • Use a DEET based repellant
  • Wear long pants, tucked into socks
  • Carefully check your skin after being in a tick habitat like the woods
  • Check your clothing for ticks
  • Shower after being outdoors
  • Remove dead leaves and debris from your yard

Remember, Fort Myers ticks like wooded areas, fields with tall grasses or brush and similar areas. Always use caution when hiking or camping in these areas. Fortunately, if you live in Fort Myers, it is unlikely that you will be bitten by a tick or infected with Lyme disease.15 Household Bugs in Southwest Florida That May Freak You Out

Most tick-related infection and illness is linked with the states in New England. However, in the rare event of a Fort Myers tick infestation, it is possible to treat the home with insecticide.

It is most likely that if you do find a tick, it will be on your pet. Be sure to keep regular appointments with your veterinarian and monitor your pet for signs of ticks. Early removal is the key to keeping them healthy.

If you’re dealing with an annoying tick infestation in Fort Myers, please drop us an email or simply call (800) 314-8813 and we will help you get them under control!

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