7: Deter Annoying Sugar Ants

Pharaoh Ant worker with sugar crystal (Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia User Julian Szulc)

This is the seventh installment of 15 Household Bugs in SW Florida That May Freak You Out, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

Despite their name, sugar ants aren’t sweet – they’re a pain! In fact, they aren’t actually sugar ants at all. These ants are part of a species with the common name of pharaoh ants.

However, since this type of ant’s diet consists mainly of sweets, people have given them the nickname “sugar ants”. These ants are often found trailing their way to food items in your cabinets containing sugar, or will even gather around a drop of something or crumb of food on your counter.

Every year, we see several Florida homes that have these small little pests. If you have tiny black ants that don’t bite, you might have sugar ants (pharaoh ants).

Another clue that you have pharaoh ants: Do you keep killing the ants and they seem to come back no matter what?

Pharaoh ants are hard to get rid of. Even though you may kill the ones you see, their ant friends will just follow the scent trail they’ve left behind and come right back.

Here are some tips for the best ways to prevent ants from getting into your home (as well as many other pests):

  • Keep your counters and cabinets wiped down thoroughly and dry
  • Store food in tight containers
  • Check windows and doors for cracks and fix any holes
  • Fill crevices with caulk or another filling agent
  • Check your trees and bushes outside; if they are close to or touching your house, remove them or trim them back
  • Clear your gutters of any debris

You will probably find more home remedies for getting rid of “sugar ants” than any other household pest. Just ask anyone who’s lived in Florida, and they have likely tried everything. 15 Household Bugs in Southwest Florida That May Freak You OutWhatever solutions you try, we remind you to please be extremely careful with borax, bleach, ant traps or any other chemicals that may be harmful to children, pets or even adults.

If you have tried everything, and are still struggling with an ant problem, it may be time to call a professional.

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