#7: Practical Irrigation Techniques for SW Florida


This is the 7th installment in “11 Ways to Ensure You Have the Greenest, Healthiest Lawn in Your Neighborhood which can be downloaded for FREE from our library of eBooks.

A beautiful lawn can be the pride of the neighborhood, but keeping it that way isn’t always easy. Maintaining proper irrigation levels to support a lush lawn is a Herculean task for most Floridian homeowners. Too much or too little water will leave your grass vulnerable to insects, weeds and other problems. To complicate matters, there are often restrictions on how often you can irrigate.

How much is enough?

There is no “one-size-fits” all recommendation for irrigation. There are many factors that will impact your decision. If you have a new lawn or other landscaping, it will need lots of water to become established. The amount of rainfall will also impact your watering needs. Florida is known for dry winters and wet summers, so your irrigation technique should account for the seasonal change. Other considerations include the type of soil in your yard, the amount of sunlight it receives, and other factors specific to your area.

11 Ways to Ensure You Have the Greenest Healthiest Lawn in Your NeighborhoodYou should also be mindful of the environmental impact of irrigation. Obviously water use reduces the levels of Florida’s water-table. But the wrong watering schedule can also cause your lawn to produce hazardous run-off – if fertilizers and pesticides are washed away during irrigation.

How can you be a good steward of water resources and maintain the health of your lawn? Consider having a professional irrigation system installed. If you already have one, consider upgrades like rain sensors.

Keep your sprinklers in good repair, so water isn’t wasted from leaks or busted sprinkler heads. If you don’t already have a Naples lawn care plan, it might be worth investing in one. Make sure you get your free inspection as soon as possible!

A professional irrigation system can give you the best results for both the environment and your yard – when timed to comply with local laws and optimized for your lawn conditions.

Larue Pest Management offers bi-monthly irrigation maintenance services. Just contact us or give us a call at (800) 314-8813.

– Keith