#8: Buy a Bundle and Save Big – Package Lawn Care with Pest Control & Termite Service

Termite Control

This is the 8th installment in “11 Ways to Ensure You Have the Greenest, Healthiest Lawn in Your Neighborhood which can be downloaded for FREE from our library of eBooks.

Cape Coral Pest control for your lawn is important, but we understand that you want to keep your costs as low as possible. If you suffer from…

  • Chinch bugs
  • Sod webworms
  • Gray leaf spots
  • Brown patch disease
  • Any type of weed

You may want to consider the Larue Lawn Care Program. But pests aren’t just a problem in your yard. They may be present inside your home as well.

You can save money and time, with a bundled termite service package that also includes pest control and termite protection.

Do you have ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas or rodents? These critters can be even more annoying than those in your lawn. But a bundled service approach will get rid of both – for less!

11 Ways to Ensure You Have the Greenest Healthiest Lawn in Your NeighborhoodIf you also have a termite problem, you can save even more by combining lawn care, interior termite control and termite removal. A small investment in preventative services can prevent you from having major financial headaches in the future. Termites also can cause thousands of dollars in damage, making your home unsafe or impossible to sell. Their bug friends, both indoor pests and lawn critters, are a major nuisance and a health hazard. Whether they ruin your home or lawn, bugs are bad news.

By protecting yourself with a bundled service plan from Larue Pest Management, you can prevent problems indoors and out. You’ll also save time from needing to find, research and schedule multiple providers. Get your termite service today!

Struggling with roaches, termites, mosquitoes or any other pests? Want to take advantage of the savings with Larue’s bundled termite service? Request a free inspection today. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. Give us a call at (800) 314-8813 or contact us online today!

– Keith

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