Weed Control For Your Lawn

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Weed control for your Cape Coral or Fort Myers lawn starts with identifying the weeds. Then determining the right plan to eliminate them. Call us, 239-334-0880.

How To Avoid An Unhealthy Lawn

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5 tips to help you avoid an unhealthy lawn. Look to us to care for your Fort Myers lawn and make it lush and healthy again!

Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms

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With more than 75 different whiteflies reported in Florida alone, these small, winged insects can wreak havoc on your palm trees, fruit trees, plants, and even your cherished outdoor space. Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms Include Wilted, Unhealthy Leaves Spiraling whiteflies feed off the underside of a leaf, stealing the nutrients needed to maintain healthy foliage. Therefore, if you are noticing wilted …

5 Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes From Invading Your Fort Myers Home

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5 Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes From Invading Your Fort Myers Home In Fort Myers, the beautiful beaches and warm weather attract us to the outdoors. Unfortunately, there is one catch—mosquitoes. I think we can all agree mosquitoes are an annoyance and we are searching for the best mosquito prevention for our Fort Myers home. They also carry harmful diseases that …

How To Prevent No-see-um Bites At Home

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How To Prevent No-see-um Bites At Home “What is biting me?”  If you’ve ever found yourself frantically scratching your legs and arms, while enjoying a nice chat with your neighbors at dusk, you’ve probably unknowingly experienced the bite of no-see-ums. Before we discuss preventing no-see-um bites at your Fort Myers home, let’s take a closer look at these irritating insects. …

Fun Facts about Lovebugs

FUN FACTS ABOUT LOVEBUGS These pesky little creatures come around in large numbers creating chaos, awkward conversations between parents and small kids, and generally annoying everyone around them. Sounds a little like Spring Breakers, doesn’t it? 😊 Maybe so, but today we are talking about Lovebugs. Let’s take a fun, factful, and light-hearted look at these pests. Oh, and just …

3 Things to Consider BEFORE Doing Your Own Pest Control

DIY Pest Control

“My husband insists that he can take care of the bugs himself, but they always come back!” – Wives all over the nation Unfortunately, we’ve heard it a million times. People are always looking for a way to save a buck by handling projects themselves. Sometimes this is a good thing…and sometimes it’s not. In the case of managing your …