Tip 8: Become Sherlock Holmes – Where to Find Bed Bugs

These sly little critters may be hard to spot…

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but they are known to leave tracks!

Often the bugs will leave tiny reddish or black streaks on sheets.

So, if you see these marks on your sheets, this may be a clue that they’ve found their way into your home.

If you are staying at a hotel and notice these marks, make no qualms about requesting a new room!

Be sure to avoid even putting your belongings on the bed before you’ve scanned the sheets. Bed bugs will be quick to jump on your luggage and hitchhike back to your home.

Hunt them down! The best way to inspect for bed bugs is to hire a professional.

But, if you want to take a look for yourself, grab your flashlight and go on a little hunt.

Search for crawling insects, excrement, cast skins, and blood spots or streaks.

Remove mounted artwork from your walls and inspect the backside. Make sure to check in all cracks and crevices, as well as the unfortunately obvious place… your bed!

Here are a few of the popular places bed bugs like to hide:

  • Seams of the mattress
  • Sofa seams
  • Cracks in the bad frame and/or head board
  • Under chairs, couches, beds and dust covers
  • Under rugs, edges of carpets, drawers, baseboards and window casings
  • Curtains, moldings, door frames
  • Behind light switches, electrical outlet plates, cracks in plaster
  • Televisions, radio clocks, computers, stereo components and phones
  • Backpacks, Sleeping bags, Cloths
  • Seams of luggage
  • Behind wallpaper, picture frames and other dark areas
  • Plush toys/stuffed animals
  • Potted plants/artificial floral arrangements
  • Pet bedding

Can you sniff ‘em out??

There is actually data that shows there is an odor associated with a bed bug infestation.

However, it is so subtle that you probably shouldn’t rely on this as an accurate means of detection.

If you pride yourself on your keen sense of smell, you may notice an ever so slight aroma that’s been described as sweet, rotten raspberries.

It’s also been described as an almond-like smell.

Or, perhaps a mix of the two.

In order to have an infestation big enough to produce a scent, however, you will have so many other symptoms…and bites…that the aroma will probably be the last thing on your mind.

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– Keith