Bed Bug Treatment: Not a Do-it-Yourself Project

Like we mentioned in last few posts… .

Here’s my third post in a series called “Bed Bugs: 12 Tips to Help You Sleep Easy.”  It’s also available as a free eBook on our Web Site at:

..bed bugs are nifty six-legged creatures who are great at finding places to stay alive and drink your blood.

For this reason, bed bug treatment is not the easiest thing to do.

The reappearance of bed bugs has presented new challenges for pest control due to their developed resistance to various pesticides including DDT, and organophosphates.

In fact, using DDT on today’s bed bug makes it more active!

One of the most natural bed bug treatment procedures is to introduce natural enemies of the bed bug.

At the top of this list are cockroaches.

If you’re not into the cockroach idea, try ants, spiders, mites, centipedes, or the masked hunter also known as the “masked bed bug hunter.” And yes, there is an insect called the masked bed bug hunter, which looks like this:

Masked Bed Bug Hunter

It belongs to a family of inspects called the assassins.

We’re not making this up.

If you’re not into the masked bed bug hunter, you could always try The Pharaoh ant whose venom is lethal to bed bugs. And yes, there’s an insect call the Pharoah ant, which looks like this:

Pharoah Ant

Pharoah Ant

We’re not sure how we feel about bringing in the Pharoah’s ants after what that dude did to Moses and stuff.

Or if none of these options work for you, rodents eat bed bugs, but bats do not so you’re out of luck if you wanted to introduce bats to your home to stop your bed bug problem.

We kid, we kid.

Traditional bed bug treatment often includes steam or spraying rubbing alcohol on any visible insects and eggs.

But these are not permanent treatments.

For us, one of the most important factors in bed bug treatment is that that your home, health and environment are not harmed by our pest control techniques.

We promise we won’t introduce any assassin insects into your home. Let us help you with your bed bug treatment.

For permanent results, you will definitely need it.

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