Can Your Concrete Block Home Get Termites?

If you have a home built on concrete block, you may think you are immune to termites. Not so. Although concrete block homes reduce the amount of wood used in the house structure, there is still plenty of wood behind the block in the attic, walls, and extending down to the concrete floor for them to munch on.

The purpose of these walls is to provide a nailing surface for drywall, yet they also create a path for subterranean termites to get inside. These invaders can enter a home as small as 1/32nd of an inch.

Recently, a friend shared his real-life story with me, and I wanted to pass it along to you to see just how easy an infestation can happen.

Here’s his story:

“As I was cleaning the windows and beginning to wipe down the windowsill, I happened to place my hand on the wood and to my surprise, it felt soft to the touch…so much so that I pushed right through the wood. My first thought was, “How strange is that? Is there a water leak?” As I continued to clean the windowsill, it happened again. At that point, I wasn’t sure what the issue was but knew I had to investigate.

Termite damaged windowsill-Larue Pest Control-Ft Myers-500x263jpg

So, I began peeling away layers of wood. It was coming off easily which worried me even more. I still had no idea what was happening but was getting worried.

To my shock, I saw what looked like bug tracks…could these be termites? Let’s be clear – I have limited knowledge of termites, but I had a funny feeling this is what I saw in the wood! Regardless, it was then I knew I had a serious issue.

Termite damaged windowsill-Larue Pest Control-Ft Myers-500x340jpg

I began disassembling the windowsill even more along with the casing. That’s when I saw them – termites crawling around eating through the wood!

I continued to remove more wood trying to figure out just how much damage had been done. Luckily, most of the damage was confined to the wood around the window. However, I noticed the termites were beginning to eat into the wall frame of the house!

Termite damage-Larue Pest Control-Ft Myers-5480x640jpg

It was at this point I called for professional termite protection. I knew the problem was too big for me to handle.

The only thing I wished I had done was called BEFORE this happened. At the end of the day, the damage caused by these termites cost me way more time and money in repairs than a preventive termite plan.
This was my first experience with termites and it’s a scary thing knowing your house is literally being eaten away by silent, invasive insects.

My advice? Call Larue before you experience what I did. This way, you’ll have peace of mind these unwanted visitors will not be entering your home in the first place.”

Termites cause an estimated $11 billion in damage to wood structures every year in the United States, which exceeds even the annual damage caused by house fires. They are prevalent here in SW Florida where warm temperatures and high humidity create the perfect environment for them to flourish.

Termite queen eggs-Larue Pest Control-Ft Myers-600x600jpg
30,000 eggs/day x 365 day/year = 10,950,000/year

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