Commercial Pest Control – The Ultimate Clean & Sterile Environment for your Business

Commercial Pest Control - LeeSar Building and People

Let’s pretend you’re a doctor who is in the middle of an examination with your patient, when suddenly a roach scurries across the floor and disappears into a crack in the baseboard. Your patient looks at you with a disgusted face and you are absolutely mortified. Do you trust this patient to NOT tell all of her friends and possibly the entire Internet community with a negative review of your business?

Ask yourself, just how important is it for your business to have the ultimate clean & sterile environment? In this instance above, it is paramount! But there are plenty of other instances where it pays to have an immaculate environment. For example:

  • As the owner of a hotel, what would happen to your business if your guests complained of getting bitten by bed bugs?
  • As the owner of a restaurant, what would happen if a trail of ants marched across your guest’s table at lunch-time? Do you think that would sit well with your patrons?
  • As the owner of a commercial property, the grass is dead from a chinch bug infestation and your tenants are complaining that the grounds look horrible, and they risk losing business because of the poor image outside their doors.

Each of these scenarios could’ve been prevented with commercial pest control from Larue Pest Management. Just ask our friends at LeeSar how they have benefited from our commercial pest control services. LeeSar is Southwest Florida’s leading health care supply chain and they realize just how important it is to have a clean and as sterile environment (especially in the health care industry). Larue has been working with LeeSar since 2006 to ensure that their buildings and grounds remain pest free.

So, whether your business is having issues with termites, lawn pests, or bed bugs, our commercial pest control will assure that your business is bug free.

To take the next step, either contact us online, call (800) 314-8813, or simply request a free pest inspection today!

– Keith