Tip 3: Do-it-Yourself Pest Control – To Do or Not To Do… THAT is the Question!

Ever heard the saying, “The dose makes the poison”?

This saying came from a 1550’s Swiss chemist known as “Paracelsus”.

He had concluded that all substances have the ability to become toxic, based on the dosage.

His most popular example is that even water can kill you if you drink enough of it.

This is why it’s extremely important for DIY’ers to make sure that they are careful when handling pesticides.

Do-it-yourself pest control takes a lot of commitment.

If you miss just a few sessions of treatment, you might be in pest trouble.

Let’s review the Product and Services of Larue Pest management:

Many Southwest Florida homeowners choose Larue Pest Management to handle all of their Pest Control needs, but if you want to “Do It Yourself, then here are a few resources you should know:

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– Keith