12 Things to Know Before Hiring a Pest Control Company

You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you turn on the light, and you see a cockroach flee to the nearest shelter. The next morning you’re making breakfast and you notice a trail of sugar ants leading from your window sill to a small blob of jelly that someone else forgot to clean off the counter.

You’re aggravated at the unwanted guests in your home and you decide to Google search: Fort Myers Pest Control. You get a long list of companies all competing for your business and you decide to call one of them.

Good for you! You’re being proactive and you’re taking steps to rid your home of pests. For that, we commend you. On the other hand, we STRONGLY advise you to do a little bit of homework before you hire just any Fort Myers Pest Control company. Not all pest control companies are equal. Like every industry on earth, you’ll find companies that are the “cream of the crop” and you’ll find others that are “bad apples.”

For this reason, we decided to write a FREE eBook: 12 Things to Know Before Hiring a Pest Control Company.  This eBook is intended to educate you before you decide on a pest control company. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of hiring a QualityPro
  • To ask pest control companies to see their license before doing business with them
  • To request a written guarantee (or return policy) that your pest problems will be properly taken care of
  • About some of the services that Larue Pest can provide you

…and more.

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