Tip 7: Environmental Stewardship – Integrated Pest Management That You Can Count On.

Make sure that your pest control company…

…has a QualityPro designation.

The QualityPro program contains an environmental stewardship aspect that requires companies to offer integrated pest management services (IPM) to its customers.

Larue IPM includes:

  • A free inspection
  • ID of pests
  • Assessment of the level of pest activity
  • Appropriate action once pests have been identified and their level of activity has been assessed
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of treatment and appropriate measures taken if treatment isn’t a complete success

As a part of the environmental stewardship portion of a Quality Service Pro designation, a pest control company must adhere to certain proper pesticide use agreements.

  • Proper pesticide storage
  • Proper pesticide disposal
  • Proper pesticide transportation

Now you can rest assured that your pest control company is effective and safe while doing their job.

If you would like more information on what “IPM” means, just ask your service provider.

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– Keith