Landscaping Tip #1 – Learn How Proper Irrigation Can Help Create a Florida-Friendly Yard

Landscaping Tips - Proper Irrigation - Bougainvillea

This is the first of 12 Landscaping Tips for a Florida-Friendly Yard, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

Many people in Southwest Florida make the mistake of over-watering, especially in the scorching summer months.

Who wouldn’t want a cool drink when it’s blazing hot outside?

But over-soaking your yard can cause problems for your Florida landscape. Too much water leads to shallow root systems in many plants, and shallow roots contribute to pest and disease problems for your yard.

Some flowering plants, like bougainvillea, prefer drier conditions and will produce fewer blooms if given too much water. In order to grow a hardier lawn and healthier plants, it’s best to water deeply, but infrequently.

Landscaping Tips - Proper IrrigationMost landscapes need about an inch of water only once per week during the hottest months. When the weather cools off, watering can often be extended. In the wet summer months, rainfall often provides enough irrigation for a healthy landscape. But starting in October, when temperatures are still high but the wet season storms have tapered off, you will need to turn to sprinklers for proper irrigation.

Pay attention to your lawn—the grass will let you know when it needs a drink. Watch for blades that are folded in half or have a blue-gray color. If you can leave a footprint in the grass, then your yard needs watering.

Through the years, we’ve helped many homeowners understand that plants don’t waste water, people do. Larue’s irrigation repair and maintenance service is based on two core principles:

  • Water Conservation
  • Healthy Landscapes

We provide high-quality irrigation services for homes and businesses through out Southwest Florida. If you’d like help determining the proper amount of irrigation for your lawn in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda or anywhere in Lee, Collier, Charlotte or Hendry Counties, email or call (800) 314-8813 today!

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