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7 Tips to Prevent Termites from Eating You Out of House and Home

In the past we’ve heard our customers say “I live in a concrete block house. I don’t have to worry about termites.” Or “I live in a suburban area. We don’t have termites near our home.”

My response is usually the same. What are the rafters of your roof made of? Usually the response is the same: Wood. Termites don’t care if you live in a cow town or if you live in the “burbs.” They are equal opportunity wood eaters.

Over the past few months we have given you a few helpful pointers on how you can reduce your exposure to subterranean termites and the severe damage that they can inflict upon your homestead.

Termite extermination is not a pretty business. In fact, many people despise the thought of creepy crawlies, let alone trying to rid them from their houses. But we’ve been in the Fort Myers pest control business since 1978 and we’re happy to help you get rid of termites. Here’s what you should know about subterranean termites:

  1. Pictures of termites
  2. 5 Things You Need to Know About Subterranean TermitesHow to Tell if You Have Flying Termites or Flying Ants
  3. DIY or Hire a Professional Termite Exterminator?
  4. Finding the Termite Nest
  5. How to Prevent Termite Damage
  6. Get a Free Termite Inspection
  7. Alternative Methods for Termite Control

All of this information can be found in a handy-dandy eBook called 7 Tips to Prevent Termites from Eating You Out of House & Home which you can download for free. Also don’t forget our other eBook 5 Things You Should Know About Subterranean Termites.

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