How can I be sure I’m choosing the right company for mosquito control?

If you fear going outside of your home due to the incredible amount
of mosquito bites you and your family have incurred in the past, you’re
in dire need of mosquito control.

But before you pick up your phone and give any pest control company
your business, make sure that you’re dealing with a qualified and
licensed pest management company.

There are different ways to find out if the company you’re dealing
with is a qualified and licensed pest management company. The easiest
way? Just ask!

It never hurts to ask a company that you’ll potentially be trusting for mosquito control to see a license or other credentials. This isn’t a date. You can be a bit forward in what you’re looking for.

Check the Quality Pro web site ( and search by
zip code to find out if that company is part of the select Quality Pro

If they’re not licensed, then there is absolutely no way they’re a
Quality Pro company like Larue Pest Management. Quality
Pro’s high standards include being more than just state licensed. Do you
want an unlicensed pest control company spraying potentially harmful
chemicals around your home and family under the guise of mosquito control?

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