How can I gain termite control in my home?

Don’t attempt to undergo termite control alone.
Call an authorized operator of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination
System. In order to be an authorized operator, one must undergo
frequent comprehensive training of termite control and pass annual quality reviews.

Once the Sentricon station detects termite activity, it delivers the
termite bait which is spread throughout the entire colony. The
Sentricon System is able to succeed in termite control
efficiently because the bait works at a perfect rate throughout the
colony before the termites catch on. The termites are essentially

Environmental concerns? The termite services that Laure Pest Management
offers are green indeed. Laure’s treatment doesn’t saturate the soil
with liquid chemicals, however, they use a special termite bait that
manipulates the biology and behavior of the termite and their colony.

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