How can I help prevent subterranean termite damage to my home?

If you live in Southwest Florida, you’re probably looking for ways to prevent termites from damaging your home.

There’s good news—we can help!

There are plenty of preventative strategies for making your home a less attractive target for these hungry wood-eaters!

Some people think that if they just cross their fingers and hope termites don’t invade their home, they’ll be able to avoid costly termite damage, but this is just wishful thinking. Others believe that they’re safe because their home is made of CBS (concrete block and stucco). However, even in a CBS home the roof is usually made of wood! Whether you live in rural Lehigh Acres, or downtown Fort Myers or Naples, if you own a home in Florida, subterranean termites are a real threat!

That’s why it’s SO important to us that you know about some ways to reduce your home’s risk of a termite infestation. By taking a few simple steps towards prevention, you can save a bundle in future termite treatment costs!

Proper termite prevention should always start with an inspection by a trained professional. The trained eye of a termite specialist, may be able to identify signs that termites have already found your home. If that’s the case, you cannot afford to delay treatment.

Here are 9 steps to preventing subterranean termite damage, after a professional inspection has been done.

  • Be on the lookout for signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes, discarded termite wings or soft and decaying wood on your home.
  • Remove dead trees or stumps anywhere near your home.
  • Shrubs, mulch and other landscaping should be at least 2 feet from the foundation of your home.
  • Don’t use wood mulch around your home, if possible.
  • Wooden fences, planter boxes and other wood items should stay at least 2 feet from the foundation.
  • Keep soil at least 6 inches away from the bottom of stucco or other siding.
  • Place sprinkler heads more than 2 feet from the foundation and make sure they don’t wet the walls.
  • Divert air-conditioner condensation, sump discharge and other water away from the foundation of your home.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts and keep splash-blocks in place.

Further advice for homeowners who are building or remodeling:

  • Use treated lumber to discourage termites.
  • Back-fill should not contain any wood scraps or forms.
  • Install Sentricon stations around a new construction site.

Never worry about termites again!

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