How Much Do Mosquito Treatments Cost in Fort Myers, Florida?

Just like us, mosquitoes love the weather here in Florida! They thrive in our subtropical climate, which can make it difficult to fully enjoy the outdoors. Even though they are here year-round, expect the peak of mosquito season in Fort Myers, Florida to be April through October. 

During this time, these annoying invaders are in their prime, attacking our arms and legs, making us miserable, and leaving behind itchy red welts. Plus, they wreak havoc on our outdoor parties. Worse yet, they are capable of spreading serious diseases such as Chikungunya and West Nile virus. 

In retaliation, many of us spray mosquito repellent all over our bodies, light tiki torches in the backyard, and burn numerous citronella candles to try and ward off these pesky insects. Sadly, these prevention techniques do little to help.

A professional mosquito treatment for your Fort Myers home is often needed to help control mosquito populations from growing and in turn, keep you sane – and safe. Thankfully, when it comes to effectively reducing the number of mosquitoes buzzing around your yard, we have the right mosquito treatment for your Fort Myers home.

How Our Mosquito Reduction Program Works

Our Monthly Mosquito Reduction Program is performed when mosquitoes are at their worst in Florida, April through October. It’s important to emphasize that this program is designed to increase your protection month over month by consistently reducing the number of mosquitoes living and breeding within your property. That’s why we begin in April, so by June and July, your property will have significantly fewer mosquitoes than your neighbors! Our goal is to offer you relief, so you can enjoy the outdoors again. 

Larue’s proven mosquito treatment for your home consists of five key steps:

  • A thorough inspection of your property to identify potential mosquito breeding sites. 
  • Advice on how to eliminate avoidable breeding sites, i.e., stagnant pools of water within your yard, buckets, birdbaths, and gutters.
Chikungunya Fever in the news
  • Targeted larvicide treatments in key breeding sites to reduce future mosquito breakouts.
  • A specialized product application within your trees and shrubs that reduces adult mosquito populations and continues protecting your property until our next visit. 
Mosquito Treatment
  • A service guarantee addressing any concerns you have between regularly scheduled services, free of charge.

Mosquito Treatment Pricing For Your Fort Myers Home

The pricing for mosquito control treatments in Fort Myers starts as low as $65 per service for a quarter-acre or less. Typically, in Fort Myers, Florida, we don’t see very many properties larger than a quarter-acre in size, so on average, our clients will pay $65 each month from April through October. However, due to our sub-tropical environment, there are some homeowners who experience heavy mosquito pressure in their yards all year long, so this program can be extended to a year-round program rather than seasonal if preferred.

Are Mosquito Services Worth It In Fort Myers, Florida?

Consider this: What is the cost of NOT having your yard professionally treated? Yucky mosquito repellant, irritating welts, aggravation, friends leaving early from your much-anticipated party, constant itching and redness for days, (did I mention aggravation?), and feeling miserable.  This is not the ideal party atmosphere!

You should be allowed to spend time with your family and friends free of mosquitoes for as long as you like on a nice summer evening! 

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