I’ve heard stories of bed bugs in hotels. How did they get there?

Yes, it’s true. You can Google search bed bugs in hotels
and find many instances of hotels closing for a week or two in order to
solve the problem. In fact, your Google search may have brought you
here! :)

Whether you’re a hotel owner, business owner, or home owner, we’d
like to offer you some consolation. It’s not your fault! There is a
popular misconception that there is a direct correlation between
cleanliness and bed bug infestation. However, this is not true. The
causes of bed bugs have nothing to do with your socio-economic status
or the organization of your home/hotel/business. (Although, a cluttered
home does give them more places to hide, so it may be harder to get rid
of them.)

The cause of a bed bug infestation has everything to do with the
fact that you are human, and therefore, a food source. Bed bugs are not
picky about their hosts. As long as there is a source of blood
available to them, you’ll find bed bugs in hotels, business, and homes.

They’re hitchhikers. In order for bed bugs to infest a hotel, they
have to find a ride on someone or something. Only two bed bugs (male
& female) have to get into the luggage, clothing, or bedding of
their host to cause a potential infestation.

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