Landscaping Tip #2 – Your Irrigation Needs: How to Conserve Water in a Florida Friendly Yard

Fort Myers Naples Florida Friendly Landscaping Irrigation 02It’s hard to imagine that a state bordered on three sides by water might ever need to think about water conservation.

With thousands of lakes and many streams and rivers, Florida seems certifiably drenched.

But much of that water is not available for our use, and in our unique climate of alternating wet and dry seasons water can often become a scarce resource.

Florida suffered one of the worst droughts in the state’s history as recently as 2001. Today, a number of initiatives are in place to ensure the proper management of this precious limited resource.

By knowing and following Florida’s water conservation best-practices, you can ensure that your landscape will be beautiful for your family and for future generations.

This is the second of 12 Landscaping Tips for a Florida-Friendly Yard, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

In order to protect our resources, the Southwest Florida Water Management District issues year-round irrigation restrictions. These should be followed exactly. By keeping to this irrigation schedule, you will ensure that our limited water supply will meet everyone’s needs. Restrictions usually limit watering to certain days and times each week. The watering limits are assigned by category that may include your neighborhood, your house number, or your side of the street.

Fort Myers Naples Florida Friendly Landscaping Irrigation 01

In addition to following the watering timetable provided by the Water Management District, there are other techniques you can use to ensure that your landscaping is both green and conservation-friendly.

  1. Water first thing in the morning before the day’s heat has had time to build. That way less water will be lost to evaporation.
  2. Use two to three inches of your favorite mulch around plants, trees, and shrubs. This will reduce surface evaporation and improve water penetration.
  3. Consider purchasing a rain gauge to monitor how much water your landscape is receiving. Remember, you don’t need to water if it has rained in the last twenty-four hours or of it is predicted to rain in the next twenty-four.
  4. Mow your lawn at the highest setting to encourage the development of a deeper root system, which will help your grass become drought tolerant.

Water conservation is extremely important in Southwest Florida.

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