Tip 6: Larue Pest Control Technicians are Armed and Dangerous… to Bugs.

Pest Control Technicians are trained to fight these pests…

…so don’t try this at home kids!

Larue Pest has a strict code of conduct that our technicians must adhere to before being eligible to work in your home.

Sales and service technicians must first meet testing minimums before they are eligible to work on your account.

This ensures that you get the professional services that you signed up for. Plus, every service agreement from Larue comes with a warranty.

So in the rare event that you’re not happy with our services, you are covered.

You should feel good knowing that our Pest Control Technicians that come into your home are trained and tested in the use and application of pesticides, ensuring that your family is safe and free from pests.

For Pest Control Techs that you can trust, contact us online, or give us a call at (800) 314-8813. We’re glad to help!

– Keith