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Save up to $100 on Pest Control in Naples

Get a feeling of comfort and control again by teaming up with Larue Pest Management! Our exterminators offer pest control in Naples that will provide you with quick and effective relief today.

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We give our employees the power to do whatever is necessary to make sure you’re happy with the service you receive. If you're not happy, we re-treat for free!

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We don't want you to deal with pests for longer than you need to. We guarantee same-day pest control service if you call before noon (M-F). 

I've been a customer of Larue for several years now and I couldn't be happier. Ryan, our service technician, goes out of his way to make sure we are pest free and happy with the service.

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Pest Control in Naples

Here at Larue Pest Management, our goal is to defend your family and home by utilizing the smartest solutions. Team up with our expert technicians in Naples today to experience a home free of pests!

Residential Pest Control in Naples

Dealing with pests on your own can be quite difficult and often times, DIY methods just don’t cut it. Here at Larue Pest Management, we offer pest control in Naples that utilizes a thorough approach to ensure long-term protection. With our help, you can avoid the threat of disease and destruction being brought into your home. Being a hardworking, local business since 1978, you can count on us to always be there to help protect your family. Our Naples pest control will protect you from:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Mosquitoes
  • And more!

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Long-Term Protection and Pest Prevention

Our pest control in Naples uses Integrated Pest Management methods, meaning we work to provide not only quick relief but also long-term prevention. We do this while using family and pet-friendly treatments during the entire process. With the help of our highly trained team of experienced exterminators in Naples, you’re guaranteed to see long-term results. Here’s what you can expect when you invest in our Naples pest control:

  • Quarterly check-ups: this allows our exterminators in Naples to see the current conditions of your home and determine what actions need to be taken if needed.
  • Home monitoring: we’ll keep track of your home to see if pest activity changes.
  • Preventative treatments: we will seal cracks that act as entry points and hiding spots for pests.
  • Exterior treatments: most pests live on the exterior of your home, which is why our Naples technicians focus on monitoring and treating outside. This will help reduce the need for treatments inside your home!
  • Same-day service: if you call before noon Monday-Friday, you're guaranteed service before the end of day!


Termite Control in Naples

Termites are closely associated with destruction and costly repair fees. This being the case, it’s important to take quick action as soon as you suspect a termite infestation on your property! Here at Larue Pest Management, we offer termite control in Naples that provides total elimination of termite colonies while also taking measures to prevent a termite invasion from ever occurring again. Here’s what our Naples exterminators will do for you when you join forces with us for termite control in Naples:

  • Provide free inspection of your property to determine the severity of
  • Create a unique treatment plan for your home.
  • Implement the Sentricon System with Always Active baiting technology if needed.

Sentricon Termite Treatments for Your Protection

By using the Sentricon System with Always Active baiting technology, we guarantee the removal of all existing Subterranean termites. This innovative technology enters the food chain naturally and works immediately after the termite workers take the bait. If you are battling Drywood termites, our Naples exterminators will use spot treatments and structural fumigation to exterminate them. This method will effectively eradicate Drywood termites that hide within the structure of your home. No matter the termite you are dealing with, our termite control in Naples has a solution for you.


Mosquito Control in Naples

Alongside the fact that they can ruin an outdoor event, mosquitoes carry diseases that can affect the health of your family and pets. With your family’s health and protection in mind, our exterminators provide effective mosquito control in Naples that will reduce the population of mosquitoes on your property. Our mosquito exterminators in Naples will provide varying treatments depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution, we have great options for you!

Long-Lasting Mosquito Control

Our Naples mosquito control offers a monthly mosquito spraying program and a mosquito misting system. Our monthly mosquito spraying program includes treatments throughout peak mosquito seasons that minimizes the number of mosquitoes around your home. If you need the mosquito misting system, our Naples exterminators will install misting nozzles every 10-15 feet around the perimeter of your home. These nozzles will dispense a mosquito-killing mist that helps control not only mosquitoes but also spiders, flies, and more. This system is implemented year-round. If you are ready to enjoy time outside without mosquitoes, contact us today for mosquito control in Naples!


Bed Bug Treatment in Naples

A bed bug infestation is not only difficult to spot but also hard to get rid of. Our bed bug treatments in Naples offer various methods of bed bug elimination depending on the severity of your infestation. Our Naples exterminators will also provide bed bug covers, insect monitors, and traps to capture the bed bugs and prevent them from spreading! After our initial bed bug inspection, we will determine which Naples bed bug treatment is best to implement. This may be any of the following:

  • Bed Bug Fumigation
  • Liquid Treatment
  • Vacuum Treatment
  • Steam Treatment

Indicators of a Bed Bug Invasion

Think you might be dealing with bed bugs in your home? It’s easy for bed bugs to go unnoticed, which is why it may be hard to determine whether or not you are dealing with them. Don’t worry though, there are ways to help clarify if you need bed bug treatment in Naples. Here are a few signs to search for if you are suspicious of an infestation of bed bugs:

  • Red, itchy skin
  • Eggshells on sheets or mattress
  • Dark spots or blood stains on bedding
  • Musty odor

If you have noticed any of the following, get in touch with our bed bug exterminators for quick relief with our bed bug treatments in Naples! Not only will we treat your home, but we’ll provide insight on how to further prevent an infestation from ever occurring again.


Rodent Control in Naples

Unfortunately, rodents can create damage in your home without you even noticing. They can live between the walls, gnaw on wires, and contaminate food! Here at Larue Pest Management, we offer rodent control in Naples that provides quick relief and ongoing protection. With the help of our Naples exterminators, you can bring order back into your home and ensure the comfort of your family. If you have noticed chewed wires, scratching noises, or droppings – contact Larue!

Comprehensive Rodent Treatments

Our expert exterminators in Naples have the experience and training to provide you with rodent control treatments that are guaranteed to be effective. By utilizing multiple elimination methods, we ensure that the protection we provide is the best possible. Here’s what you can expect from our rodent control in Naples:

  • A detailed inspection of your home.
  • Traps and baits to reduce rodent the number of rodents.
  • Sealing of all possible entry points.
  • Sanitation of littered areas in your home.
  • Post-treatment monitoring and maintenance.

Save up to $100 off rodent control today!

Top-of-the-Line Customer Service

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, you can count on our exterminators in Naples to provide you with expert services that are thorough and effective! As a locally-owned and operated business, we are fueled by helping out the community. Your satisfaction is our top priority, always. This is why we offer a Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! If you notice pests between our Naples pest control treatments, give us a call. Our exterminators will return and fix the issue at no additional cost to you. Get guaranteed protection from Larue Pest Management today.

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Save Some Cash

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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$25 Off

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September 30, 2019

Our Special Offers

Save Some Cash

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

View All Savings

$25 Off

Initial fee for HomeGuard

September 30, 2019

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