Tip 4: Pest Control – What You Should Expect From a Professional Pest Control Company

Larue Pest specializes in driving out the bugs from your home…

…so our Pest Control vehicles & technicians are kept in tip top shape!

Employees follow a strict code that includes:

  • A uniform dress code
  • A service vehicle maintenance agreement
  • An appearance policy

Your home should be in better shape than when we entered it (but don’t expect us to clean your dishes – lol :) )

Every motor vehicle must undergo record checks which are conducted on all employees that drive a company vehicle or a personal vehicle for company business.

All Larue employees that show up to your residence or business are required to adhere to a strict uniform dress code, service vehicle maintenance, and appearance policy.

Making a great first impression is important to us… so no leaking oil on your driveway or dirty boots on your carpet. Just the pest control services that you ordered!

For Pest Control Services that you can trust, contact us online, or give us a call at (800) 314-8813. We’re glad to help!

– Keith