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Get Expert Bed Bug Removal Services Backed By 40+ Years of Experience

Having bed bugs invade your place of comfort can be a complete nightmare! Bed bugs are not only frustrating but can also become a time-consuming battle. With over 40+ years of experience providing bed bug treatment and removal services, you can trust that you will become free of bed bugs in no time!

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Bed Bug Treatment in Southwest Florida

A woman lying in her bed bug-free bed. Get bed bug treatment and removal services in Southwest Florida with Larue!

If bed bugs are present in your home, don’t fret – our Florida bed bug exterminators are here to help! After a free initial inspection to verify the presence and condition of the infestation, our bed bug exterminators will suggest one of our eco-friendly bed bug treatment options. At Larue, we believe in providing you with the best customer service possible, and that means creating a custom treatment plan tailored to your home's infestation and your goals.

Some of our bed bug treatments include:

  • Bed bug fumigation
  • Liquid treatments
  • Steam treatments
  • Vacuum treatments

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Free Follow-up Inspections to Ensure Bed Bugs are Gone!

With our bed bug treatments in Southwest Florida, we will also provide follow-ups until we are certain we have eliminated the bed bugs from your home or business. This way, we are as thorough as possible in eliminating every last bed bug!

Our Effective Bed Bug Pest Control 

With the help of our Florida bed bug exterminators, you’ll be provided with an aggressive bed bug treatment plan that will leave your home free from bed bugs – for good. After inspecting your home and identifying the source of the infestation, our bed bug exterminators will advise how you can further prevent future infestations. Once this is done, we begin our treatments! With our comprehensive bed bug control services, these nighttime invaders will be a problem of the past. 

Our tactical treatments for bed bug control include a combination of:

  • Bed bug mattress covers to prevent them from crawling into your mattress.
  • Bed bug trapping under bedposts to capture bugs going from the floor to the bed. 
  • Bed bug monitoring placed around your house to keep an eye on potential infestations.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Many times, bed bugs go unnoticed because of their size and natural ability to hide in the nooks and crannies of furniture and mattresses. However, there are simple steps you can take to avoid a bed bug infestation, like using protective covers on mattresses and cutting back on the clutter in your home.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, there are a few signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Bed bug egg shells or skins discarded on the mattress or sheets
  • Dark spots from bed bug excrement on bedding
  • Blood stains on pillows or sheets
  • Musty odor
  • Red, itchy welts on the skin

If you’re unsure if you’re suffering from a bed bug infestation, simply give us a call. Our professional bed bug exterminators will help you identify and exterminate the problem.

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Our 90-Day Bed Bug Warranty

Bed bugs are some of the creepiest crawlies possible—nobody wants to wake up to them in the middle of the night, especially after your home has already been treated! For bed bug treatment you can count on, trust Larue. Once our exterminators determine that your home is bed bug-free, we start our 90-day service warranty. That means in the highly unlikely situation where bed bugs return after our initial service, we will re-treat at no cost to you as long as it's within the 90-day bed bug warranty frame. That's the least we can do for our customers!

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