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Larue's Irrigation Repair and Maintenance Services

Annual Irrigation Maintenance Program

We'll start out with a total system check-up and provide a written estimate for any repairs or modifications needed to get your system running in top performance.

At each Monthly or Bi-Monthly visit we will:

  • Inspect pump including checking pressure tanks, pressure switch and pump start relays.
  • Check and adjust controller to proper date, time, watering days and zone run-times, as seasonal conditions dictate.
  • Run system to ensure proper operation and coverage of each spray head and rotor.
  • Inspect system for any underground line breaks.
  • Verify proper rain sensor operation, if installed.
  • Remove encroaching grass around pop-up heads, as needed.
  • Periodic inspection of critical wiring connections.

Specializing In:

  • Full Residential & Commercial Renovations
  • Sprinkler Repairs
  • Annual Maintenance Programs
  • Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers
  • Complete Irrigation System Check-Ups
  • Water-Efficient Sprinklers
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Weather and Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Conventional & Two-Wire System Certified
  • Irrigation Well Pumps

Get an irrigation system check-up today!

Our irrigation systems are designed to deliver healthy landscapes, water conservation and peace of mind.

If you have a sprinkler system, chances are you've had to deal with a leak or two. Over time, nozzles become clogged, water lines break or grass prevents sprinkler heads from popping up. It can be stressful trying to keep up with the repairs and maintenance, especially if you aren't familiar with operating an irrigation system.

Proper irrigation design and maintenance can help you keep your grass green, your water bills down and your weekends free to enjoy all that Southwest Florida has to offer!


SAVE up to 50% on your water bill!



A Revolutionary Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller that Features:


Predictive Watering™️

This automated watering schedule uses local weather data to fine-tune your irrigation system to water only when necessary. The controller will vary your watering frequency based on actual evaporation and rainfall in your area on a day-to-day basis.


Wiring Alerts

With the Pro-HC controller, we’re able to continuously monitor the electrical current flowing to your valves. If it’s too high or too low, Larue’s irrigation team will receive an alert which allows us to correct the issue before damage is done to your plants. 


Flow Meter Alerts

With an optional flow meter installed, we can remotely monitor your piping and sprinklers and even receive automatic alerts when a pipe is broken to prevent property damage.

Start saving with Hydrawise™️ today!

3 Things to Make Your Irrigation System More Efficient:

Image Image


Did you know that Florida law requires that every irrigation system has a rain sensor? According to a recent study, the use of a rain sensor device averaged a 45% savings for single-family residential water usage.

Image Image


Multiple rotating nozzles apply a slow rate of evenly distributed water allowing it to gently soak into your soil, avoiding run off and mist. This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays.

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By delivering water at or near your plants’ root zones, drip irrigation offers targeted watering with greater efficiency for healthier plants and outstanding water savings.

Important Water Conservation Information

Start saving water, money and time!

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