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Save $25 on Lawn Maintenance in Southwest Florida

When long hours outside don’t yield the turf you expect, most homeowners simply give up. However, with Larue on your side, we'll take that stress away for you! We provide lawn care to maintain a healthy, pest-free lawn. Our services can prevent damage from a multitude of different insects, weeds, and diseases. With 40+ years of experience servicing our neighbors in Southwest Florida, you can trust our lawn care technicians​ to bring you the greenest, healthiest lawn you deserve!

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Lawn Care in Southwest Florida

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Our lawn care treatments are unique because we consistently monitor your property to ensure we’re addressing your exact needs. We don’t use the same treatments for every yard as some companies might. Our lawn care specialists inspect your property first, then custom-mix foliar seed technology lawn fertilizer treatment on-site. Each treatment is season-specific and administered with the most environmentally conscious techniques four times a year. Best of all, all of our lawn care services are guaranteed—this means we will come back between regularly scheduled visits at no additional charge if needed. In fact, we always schedule a follow-up inspection one month after the initial service to ensure your lawn is getting off to a great start.

We offer various lawn care services in Florida targeted for specific threats your turf is facing, like:

Includes lawn fertilization and control over turf damaging insects, diseases, and weeds.


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Features everything in our standard LawnGuard plan PLUS shrub care, palm tree care, and fire ant control.


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Features everything in our LawnGuard Plus plan WITH routine mosquito control for your yard.


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Weed Control in Southwest Florida

When you think "lawn care," you probably think about weed control. That makes sense, as these annoying grasses take over your lawn and create a real eyesore. Having regularly scheduled lawn care makes for a thick, healthy lawn, which means less room for weeds to grow. That doesn't mean that your lawn is immune, however! When you need weed control, the lawn experts at Larue are here to help!

Our lawn experts treat the following types of weeds:

  • Broadleaf Weeds—These are the most common types of weed and the easiest to spot as their leaves are bigger than others. Common examples of broadleaf weeds are clover and dandelion.
  • Grassy Weeds—These weeds are harder to identify as they have long, hollow, rounded stems. Crabgrass and goosegrass are the most common grassy weeds in Florida.
  • Sedge Weeds—These are the flower-looking weeds that are usually triangular and have spikes. Yellow nut, purple nut, and watergrass are the most common sedge weeds.

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Lawn Pest Control in Southwest Florida

Pests don't only infest your house—they also affect your yard! In Southwest Flordia, your yard can be affected by chinch bugs, sod web worms, grub worms, rugose spiraling whiteflies, aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs, caterpillars, and other common turf, tree, and shrub damaging pests at any time. Lucky for you, your friends at Larue Pest Management are here to help! Check out our LawnGuard program for more information on how we can rid your yard of these pesky pests. 


Grubs are small, “C”-shaped bugs that eat grassroots. Most common during the spring and summer, they can cause additional damage by making small tunnels through the root area. When grubs hurt the roots, they make it more difficult for your grass to absorb water and nutrients. This can make your grass more susceptible to drought and other problems, such as a lawn disease. What's worse is that grubs will attract wildlife like raccoons and armadillos, as they feed on grubs.

Signs of Grub Damage:

  • Yellow, thinning grass
  • Soft and spongy turf you can easily pull up
  • Larger patches of brown grass that won't respond to watering or fertilization

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Chinch Bugs 

A chinch bug is a tiny insect that feeds on the grass sap, harming – and eventually killing – your lawn. In southwest Florida, chinch bugs are a threat all year long. Chinch bugs prefer to lay just underneath the blades, feeding between the thatch and soil, but if the infestation is large enough, you may see them on grass blades. The signs of a chinch bug are very similar to brown patch disease—dead patches, slower grass growth, and yellow or reddish-brown colored grass—which is why it's important to contact a professional lawn care expert to properly diagnose and treat your lawn!

You might be more susceptible to a cinch bug infestation if

  • You have St. Augustine grass – the chinch bug's favorite meal.
  • Your soil is sandy or filled with shells.
  • Youʼre using too much fertilizer.
  • Youʼre over-watering your lawn.
  • Your neighbors have chinch bugs. Chinch bugs are happy travelers and will go from lawn to lawn within a neighborhood, looking for their next feeding ground.

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Lawn Disease Control in Southwest Florida

No matter how much proper lawn care your lawn receives, it's possible for your lawn to contract some type of disease. A homeowner can generally notice when your lawn is "sick," as you may notice there are patches where your grass won't grow anymore. Lawn disease is caused by fungi, and only a trained, professional lawn expert can properly diagnose which fungi is damaging your lawn. Give us a call today at 239-334-0880 and one of our lawn care technicians will be out shortly to bring your lawn back to health!

Brown Patch Disease

The most common lawn disease is brown patch disease. Also known by the names “Large patch” or “Rhizoctonia blight,” brown patch disease most commonly affects St. Augustine grass —but all types of warm-season turfgrasses can be affected. A yard with heavy thatch or too much nitrogen (from fertilizers) will be at a higher risk of contracting the disease. Since a lawnmower can spread the fungus, it’s important to mow your healthy lawn before moving on to the diseased area—be sure to wash the grass clippings off the mower blades before your next use.

Brown patch disease can crop up any time temperatures are below 80 degrees, but it really thrives when the thermometer dips below 70. The fungus can’t survive temperatures over 90 degrees, so you generally don’t have to worry about it during the summer months. Brown patch disease also needs high humidity and rainy days to flourish. 

The signs of brown patch disease are:

  • A small circle of yellow grass.
  • A soft, dark rot with a nasty odor.
  • When the blade becomes red, then brown, then straw-colored.
  • A green center of grass surrounded by a ring of brown grass.
  • When you can easily pull the blade out.

Gray Leaf Spot

With as wet and humid as Florida is, especially between the months of May and September, your grass is susceptible to gray leaf spot disease. Gray leaf spot is exactly what it sounds like—the gray, oblong or circular discoloration on a blade of grass, sometimes bordered by a dark green ring. If the disease spreads, the entire blade can change color, as the spots grow large enough to blend together. Gray leaf spot disease is caused by a fungus and requires special fungicides for treatment. These products should really only be applied by professionals, as using store-bought pesticides may exacerbate the disease. 

How to Prevent Gray Leaf Spot:

  • Don't over-fertilize 
  • Use the correct type and amount of pesticide
  • Water your lawn at the correct time of day and with the right amount

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Your Satisfaction – Guaranteed

We give our employees the power to do whatever is necessary to make sure you’re happy with the service you receive – which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our Florida lawn care services. We trust our lawn care technicians and their expertise to provide excellent and professional services for you. If you encounter a problem between our visits, simply let us know and we will do what we can to solve the issue at no additional charge!

Local Lawn Care Experts You Can Trust

As a locally owned company since 1978, we are fully committed to making our community a better place. We offer our lawn care treatment throughout Southwest Florida in the following cities:

However, we go much further than simply beautifying the lawns in these areas. We prove our commitment to the community by giving back to local organizations, like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Our Mother’s Home, and more! So when you choose our company to help improve the health of your lawn, you’re also helping give back to those in need in your local community!

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