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If you don’t like creepy-crawlies, then millipedes probably aren't a welcomed house guest. These critters look like a worm with lots of little legs. In fact, the name millipede means “a thousand feet.” They don’t really have that many feet, but they do have a lot!

Millipedes tend to swarm around the month of October and while they are important to our eco-system for enriching the soil as they digest organic material into smaller pieces, their numbers can become quite overwhelming at times. This is why we developed a millipede treatment for homeowners and businesses.


Keep millipedes out of your home.

Millipede Treatment & Prevention

Larue's Millipede Control Service is designed to reduce the population of millipedes around the perimeter of any structures on your property.

This service includes two applications, which are spread two weeks apart and carries a 30-day warranty.


Millipedes - What You Need to Know


You can keep millipedes out with tightly sealed windows and good weather stripping on doors. Sweep dead millipedes into a dustpan and discard rather than vacuuming as they have a disagreeable odor that can taint your vacuum cleaner. While it may be disconcerting to see a pile of dead millipedes, keep in mind they won’t harm you or your property and won’t be around for much longer to bother you.


Millipedes found in our area of Southwest Florida are usually black or brown and an inch or two long. You’ll notice that a millipede will ball itself up as a defense mechanism if you poke it. One of its other defenses is to emit a stinky liquid when it is scared or disturbed. This liquid isn’t likely to affect humans (although it’s best to use caution and not handle them directly to avoid skin irritation).

Keep millipedes at bay.

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