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Long-Term Mosquito Protection with our Misting System

MistAway® Systems is a mosquito misting system that blends in with your landscape, works automatically or with a handheld remote, and provides worry-free outdoor mosquito control. It gives you the freedom to stop living behind a screen, because life is too short to feel uncomfortable in your own backyard. With a MistAway Misting System, you won't have to!

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MistAway Misting Systems

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If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to mosquitoes than our monthly mosquito spray, we offer a mosquito misting system that works year-round to fight against mosquitoes breeding and thriving in your yard. With our mosquito misting system, you don’t have to schedule monthly visits—these nozzles work year-round and without needing to be monitored by a mosquito exterminator.

Our misting system:

  • Blends in with your landscape.
  • Is environmentally and family-friendly.
  • Helps control other insects such as no-see’ums, spiders, flies, gnats, and more.
  • Is weather-proof, so you don’t need to worry about high heat, humidity, winds, or the cooler temperatures!
  • Has a lifetime warranty on the MistAway hardware.
  • Comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee with Larue–if you’re not mosquito-free, we re-treat at no additional cost!

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How the MistAway® System Works

MistAway Systems is the leading manufacturer of mosquito misting. It works by automatically spraying a family-friendly botanical insecticide—you can even schedule the spraying on an app!

Not sure if you believe it’s as hassle-free as we say? Here’s how Mistaway works:

  • The automatic mosquito misting control unit — either the innovative tankless mosquito misting model or the traditional drum-based mosquito misting model — is located anywhere that is convenient to a water faucet and electrical outlet.
  • Precision-engineered mosquito misting nozzles are installed about every 10-15 feet around the perimeter of your property — such as on fence lines and on trees and risers positioned in the landscaping — for a mosquito-free yard.
  • The misting unit's electronic controller is programmed to automatically initiate a 30-60 second mosquito-killing mist around dawn and again at dusk, when the mosquitoes are most active and other beneficial insects — like bees and butterflies — are not.
  • The fine mist drifts around the property and settles on the grass and landscaping, killing any mosquito that comes in contact with it. MistAway's mosquito misting system can also help control other unwanted insects, like spiders, flies, gnats and no-see’ums.


Effective Mosquito Control

Since 1978, Larue has been the leading mosquito control company in Southwest Florida. If you're ready to install MistAway, give us a call at 239-334-0880, and one of our friendly mosquito exterminators will be out in no time. In fact, if you call before noon on weekdays, we can be out before the end of the day!

We proudly provide mosquito control to our neighbors in the following cities:

Save up to $100 on MistAway today!

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