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The Best Pest Control Starting at $31/Month!

Our number one priority when it comes to pest control is getting rid of your current pest infestation. However, here at Larue Pest Management, we are also dedicated to keeping them out! Let us help restore your peace of mind so you can enjoy long-lasting comfort in your home.

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Pest Control in Southwest Florida

Pests can carry diseases, lead to allergies, and cause structural damage to your home. We know you work incredibly hard to maintain a comfortable home for you and your family, so don’t let pests ruin it! Instead, call in your local experts at Larue Pest Management for all of your Florida pest control needs. As a locally-owned and operated business, we make it our mission to keep your home free of Florida’s most common pests with our professional treatments. When you team up with us, your home will be protected from:


Prevention of common Florida pests like:

roaches, ants, spiders and silverfish.

Starting at $31/mo

HomeGuard Plus

Pest and rodent prevention PLUS:

subterranean termite protection.

Starting at $50/mo

HomeGuard Premier

Pest prevention, rodent baiting, subterranean termite protection and

mosquito control.

Starting at $88/mo


Family-Friendly Treatments

We believe in Integrated Pest Management methods that combine immediate relief with ongoing prevention. This family-friendly, common-sense approach ensures that while we are effectively treating and protecting your home, your family and pets' well-being is always on our mind. With our team of expert exterminators on your side, we can treat your home with limited liquid applications. About 99.9% of all insects reside on the exterior of your home. That’s why by monitoring and treating outside, we greatly reduce the need for any interior treatments! 

Our pest control includes:

  • Prompt and courteous service
  • Quarterly inspections of your home
  • Careful monitoring of your home for any pest activity
  • Use of preventative techniques - like sealing cracks and crevices where pests hide
  • Eco-friendly treatments to the exterior of your home

Same-Day Service

Nothing is worse than being in your home when there are pests crawling around. You don't feel comfortable, and you're worried for your children and pets. That's why we offer guaranteed same-day pest control services when you call before noon on a weekday! This way you can relax just hours after noticing the creepy-crawlies. 

Don't forget that we also offer lawn caremosquito controltermite controlrodent control, and bed bug treatment! We are your one-stop-shop for home services!

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How to Keep Plaster Bagworms Out of Your Home

Plaster bagworms look like small, gray bags that hang from your wall or ceiling. The larvae stage of a moth, they are definitely not something you want in your home or on your back porch! While they're extremely common in southwest Florida because of the high humidity, that doesn't mean you have to keep them in your home. Our exterminators at Larue are trained to eliminate plaster bagworms once and for all. 

Palmetto Bugs vs Roaches

Palmetto bugs and roaches are extremely common pests that love infesting homes across Florida. It can be difficult to see the difference between palmetto bugs and roaches, but the biggest signifier of a palmetto bug is the foul smell they emit when disturbed. If you're unsure if you have palmetto bugs or roaches, give the exterminators at Larue a call at 239-334-0880 to identify entry and breeding points to eliminate your pest problem today!

Are Millipedes Over-Populating Your Yard?

Millipedes are usually black or brown and about one to two inches long, but they are often found coiled up into a ball. They move much slower than centipedes and can emit a stinky liquid when it is scared or disturbed. This liquid isn’t likely to affect humans (although it’s best to use caution and not handle them directly to avoid irritation). In Southwest Florida, millipedes tend to swarm around October. While they are important to our ecosystem for enriching the soil as they digest organic matter, at times millipede populations can become overwhelming. Especially when heavy rains flush them out of the ground, causing them to make a mess on sidewalks, driveways and even inside homes. This is why we developed a millipede treatment for homeowners and businesses! 

Do you want to get rid of millipedes in your house and keep them out for good? Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Keep your windows tightly sealed and install good weather stripping on doors. 
  • Inspect potted plants and other “outdoor-to-indoor” transplants for millipede hitchhikers before moving them inside.
  • Replace mulch, which is a perfect environment for millipedes to thrive, with a stone or shell landscape bedding.
  • Sweep millipedes that have made it inside your home into a dustpan rather than vacuuming them up, as they have a disagreeable odor that can taint your vacuum cleaner. 
  • To get rid of millipedes in your home quickly, sign up for Larue's Millipede Control Service. This fast and effective solution includes two applications, spread two weeks apart and greatly reduces the population of millipedes around the perimeter of any structures on your property. 

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Highly Trained Technicians You Can Trust

At Larue Pest Management, we believe in training our employees to be the best they can be. We require all new team members go through a 30-day training program, so we know that when they arrive at your home, they are armed with the knowledge and resources to effectively treat your pest problems. Additionally, our company is QualityPro certified, meaning all our pest control exterminators completed rigorous safety training. Our exterminators are trained in the proper pesticide storage, disposal, and transportation methods—this means you can rest assured that we are doing our part to save the environment. What’s more, we hold ongoing training with our team, keeping them up to date on industry standards, safety guidelines, and more. When one of our expert exterminators arrive at your home, you can rest assured knowing that they are the best in the business.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

When you partner with us for pest control, you can rest assured knowing that YOU come first. Our exterminators will always do whatever it takes to make sure you are left satisfied with the service you receive. We even offer a total customer satisfaction guarantee. If you ever encounter a warranted pest problem between scheduled visits, we will happily solve the problem — at no cost! We offer our pest control services throughout Southwest Florida in the following cities:

Take a stand against pests!

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