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Are Spider Webs Taking Over
Your Pool and Patio Area?

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You love spending time in your lanai, but when spider webs start showing up inside your pool cage, it can be hard to relax and entertain. Larue’s Specialized Spider Treatments are a smart solution for keeping unsightly spider webs from taking over your outdoor entertainment area.

Florida brown widow spider with egg sac

Spiders are one of the most feared and misunderstood creatures on earth. While their 8 long legs can be creepy, it's important to know that they can also be beneficial by feeding on other pests like ants, flies and mosquitoes. With that being said, we understand that most people simply can't stand the sight of spider webs hanging around their home!

Larue’s quarterly HomeGuard pest control service prevents spiders from getting inside your home, but outdoor lighting can attract insects for them to feed on and screens protect their webs from the elements, making it the perfect environment for spiders to quickly get out of control.

Minimizing the use of outdoor lighting and trimming back overgrown foliage around pool cages will help reduce the number of spiders collecting inside your screens, but sometimes it just isn't enough to control them completely. That's why Larue has developed a Specialized Spider Treatment to compliment our standard pest control routine.

Larue's Spider Program helps prevent webs from forming in-between quarterly visits by treating all the foliage in and around your screened in lanai with a contact insecticide, followed by a manual removal of all webs that are within our reach.

When added to your quarterly HomeGuard Plan, this Specialized Spider Treatment will allow you and your family to relax and focus on what is really important - each other.

How our Spider Treatment Service Works


We will do an inspection of your screened in area to identify where we should focus our treatments and possibly eliminate conditions that may be helping spiders thrive.


Next, they will spray the screens and any foliage surrounding the pool or patio with a contact insecticide.


Your technician will  manually remove all webs within reach inside your patio and screened in pool enclosure. 

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