Termite Control in Southwest Florida

Have you found termite damage in your home?

Are you looking for a termite control company to get rid of them for you?

At Larue, we often promote termite prevention, but sadly most people contact us only after they discover termite damage and an infestation in their home. Termites feed on wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so they can do a lot of damage before they are ever discovered.

Whether you need immediate termite extermination or want to prevent them from ever being an issue - don't wait. Schedule a termite inspection* today!

*Larue's free termite inspection is a "peace of mind" inspection for homeowners and is not considered an official WDO inspection for Real Estate transactions.

  • Termite damage in a Fort Myers home.

  • Termite damage in a Fort Myers home.

  • Termite damage in a Fort Myers home.

How to Get Rid of Termites in Your Home

There are different treatment options depending on what kind of termites you have, so the first step to getting rid of termites, is to schedule a termite inspection from a trained professional. The two most common types of termites found in Florida homes are subterranean and drywood. 

Subterranean vs Drywood Termites

Understanding the differences between subterranean and drywood termites is the only way to identify and control them. Although homeowners rarely get the chance to see termites, below are some ways to tell the difference between subterranean and drywood termites:

Subterranean Termites

  • Swarming Season: Usually springtime, during daylight
  • Appearance: Winged subterranean termites have darker bodies
  • Evidence: Mud tubes used to travel through exposed terrain (ie. outside on concrete walls, within crawl spaces connecting ground and floor beams)
  • Nests: Located below ground and require contact with soil and plenty of moisture
  • Control method: Baiting with the Sentricon® System with AlwaysActive™️ Technology

Drywood Termites

  • Swarming season: Usually summertime, during the night
  • Appearance: Winged drywood termites have lighter colored bodies
  • Evidence: Frass (termite droppings) look tiny wood colored pellets that are left in piles outside their wood tunnels
  • Nests: Located above ground, often in the attic
  • Control method: Spot treatments and Structural Fumigation

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Have subterranean termites invaded your home? Baiting is your best option.

Since 1995, we've been utilizing the Sentricon System's baiting technology to control subterranean termites in Fort Myers, Florida.

Early on we identified Setricon as the most effective way to eliminate termite colonies and also prevent future infestations as well! 

The Sentricon Colony Elimination System® with Always Active™ technology provides you with peace of mind, knowing your home is being protected around the clock. You’re not only protecting one of your biggest investments, but your family’s well-being.



Termite Protection

PLUS Pest Control

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*Price shown is per month after initial down payment based on a 2000 sqft or less home.


Why Choose the Sentricon® System?


Continuous 24/7 Protection

The Sentricon® System begins working as soon as it's put in the ground. And with ongoing service from our Certified Sentricon Specialist™, it keeps protecting your home 27/7/365, year after year.


Environmentally Responsible

The Sentricon System is the only termite product awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.


Total Colony Elimination

Scientifically engineered bait naturally enters their food chain, killing the queen and her entire colony. It works because given the choice, termites prefer bait over wood and they can’t detect the active ingredient.


Why Baiting Beats Liquid Termite Treatments


No Digging or Trenching


No Structural Drilling


No Chemicals Injected into the Ground


No Trucks with Chemical Tanks


No Scheduling Hassles

How Sentricon® Works

A Larue Certified Sentricon Specialist™ will inspect your property for signs of termites.
Sentricon Stations containing Recruit® HD bait are installed in the soil, forming a protective ring around the home.
Termite workers enter the station and immediately begin feeding on the bait.
The bait is undetectable, so it is shared, resulting in death to the colony and their queen!

Victory is YOURS!

Building a New Home?

The Sentricon System Total Colony Elimination System is the perfect solution for your pre-construction termite treatment.

Discover all the ways baiting beats liquid when it comes to pre-construction termite treatments!


Protect your home from termites today.

Drywood Termite Treatments

Have drywood termites invaded your home? Structural fumigation is your best option.

The thought of seeing your home dressed up like a big circus tent can be scary, but not as scary as what could happen if you let a drywood termites take over!

Unlike subterranean termites, termite baiting stations will not prevent drywoods from invading your walls and roof. To make matters worse, they often remain hidden within the wood on which they feed, so they are hard to detect.

Structural Fumigation (also known as "tenting") is a proven effective way of eradicating drywood termites, powderpost beetles and even bed bugs from your home.

Depending on the extent of the infestation, tenting can sometimes be avoided with spot treatments of insecticides, but the only way to ensure that no termite is left behind is to fumigate your home.


How Termite Fumigation Works


Think of the tent as a balloon; it keeps the gas in so the termites die.


The precise amount of fumigant makes its way throughout your home, seeking out every termite no matter where it’s hiding.


No more invaders hiding in your walls, eating away at your home.


The gas completely exits your home and does not leave behind surface residue or living termites.

Fumigation VS Other Termite Treatment Options

When it comes to getting rid of dry wood termites, you have a choice. This chart will help you decide which termite treatment is best for you and your home.


  1. Kills all termites, even hidden or inaccessible colonies
  2. One treatment eliminates 100% of termites
  3. No drilling necessary
  4. Residents must prepare their home and leave it for a few days
  5. Costs more than most spot treatments, requires leaving home for a few days

Spot Treatments

  1. Colonies must be found to be treated
  2. Multiple treatments may be necessary if all termites are not eliminated
  3. Requires drilling
  4. Pest professionals must inspect the home, and residents may have to leave until the chemical dries
  5. Cost per treatment is less than fumigation, but multiple services are often needed

Heat Treatment

  1. Unlikely to kill all termites throughout the home
  2. Drywall, insulation, concrete and tile take longer to heat and may affect how well the treatment works
  3. No drilling necessary
  4. Many common household items are heat-sensitive and must be removed or protected — residents may have to leave their home for one day
  5. Cost is equivalent to fumigation

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