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Pre Construction Termite Treatments

Wouldn’t a Termite Pretreat Be Great if it...

  • Added value for the homebuyer?
  • Didn’t interrupt the building process?
  • Didn’t expose workers or others to chemicals?
  • Was not affected by weather?
  • Was visible and would not break down over time?
  • Came with a re-treatment and damage repair warranty?

We just described the Sentricon® System.

Key Benefits of Sentricon Termite Protection

  • No project is too large. The Sentricon System can be used on virtually any structure to protect it against termites. Even the White House puts its trust in Sentricon. 
  • Support your certification efforts. Builders can earn one-half Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) point in residential and commercial construction for non-toxic pest control.
  • No delays. Sentricon System installation won’t hold up construction stages for new homebuilder crews. Bait stations are installed in one service trip after construction and final grading are complete.
  • Code-ready protection. Sentricon meets national code requirements and is recognized by the International Code Council and the National Evaluation Service.
  • Add value to your property. Many consumers, realtors and property appraisers consider the Sentricon System as adding value to the property and it's backed by a $1 Million Termite Re-treatment & Damage Repair Warranty.
  • Meet lender requirements. Pretreating with Sentricon® meets lending institution requirements as termite protection for new and existing home sales.


What Makes the Sentricon® System Unique?

  • Continuous 24/7 Protection: The Sentricon® System begins working as soon as it's put in the ground. And with ongoing service from our Certified Sentricon Specialist™, it keeps protecting your home 27/7/365, year after year.

  • Environmentally Responsible: US Green Building Council grants one-half LEED certification credit to homes with the Sentricon System and it's the only termite product ever to be awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.

  • Total Colony Elimination: Scientifically engineered bait naturally enters their food chain, killing the queen and her entire colony. It works because given the choice, termites prefer bait over wood and they can’t detect the active ingredient.

Why Baiting Beats Liquid Termite Treatments

  • No Digging or Trenching
  • No Structural Drilling
  • No Chemicals Injected into the Ground
  • No Trucks with Chemical Tanks
  • No Scheduling Hassles

We Take Customer Service to the Next Level

At Larue, we believe that our responsibility to your homeowners doesn't just end once our Sentricon stations are in the ground. We go the extra mile to make sure your clients understand that their new home is being protected by the #1 termite control technology on the market.



Interested in learning more? Fill out a form or give us a call at 239-334-0880 today to discuss Larue's unique approach to delivering hassle-free pre-construction termite treatments and valuable peace of mind to your new homeowners!

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