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HomeGuard Premier

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About HomeGuard Premier

HomeGuard Premier Protects Your Home From: Ants, Earwigs, Fire Ants, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Mosquitoes, Not Sure/Not Listed, Roaches, Rodents, Silverfish, Spiders, Termites, Ticks, and Voles

Your Complete Pest Control Solution

Includes pest prevention, rodent baiting, subterranean termites protection AND mosquito control for your yard. We want to make sure your home is free of all pests, no matter what it is. 

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HomeGuard Premier Features:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
A complete evaluation of your home inside and out.
Routine quarterly visits to maintain pest prevention.
Protection From Over 20 Pests
Termite Control
Flea Control
Rodent Control
Mosquito Control

HomeGuard Premier

For Your Family and Home

One Time Services

Subterranean Termite OR Mosquito Only Services:

Subterranean Termite Protection Only (Starting at $5/foot): If you just want to get rid of termites without protecting your home from other pests, we are happy to provide our Subterranean Termite Protection program with a damage repair warranty (for qualifying homes).

Monthly Mosquito Spraying Only (Starting at $31/Month): If you just want to get rid of mosquitoes without protecting your home from termites and other pests, we are happy to provide our Monthly Mosquito Spraying Service.

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Starting at $88/month!

*Prices shown are per month after initial down payment. Prices based on a 2000 sqft or less home and up to a half acre of treatable area for mosquito control.

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Year around protection for your family & home

20+ Pests Covered
100% Guaranteed
Local Service

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Great team at Larue! They've always been extremely professional and courteous when at our home. We use them for mosquito control as well as overall pest management around the house.

Fort Myers

How Does HomeGuard Premier treatment work?

We will treat the inside and outside of your home with environmentally-friendly products to eradicate pest infestations and prevent new ones from occurring. Learn more about the details of this package:

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A complete evaluation of your home inside and out for current or potential pest problems.
Targeted treatments of pests and key harborage areas inside your home, including your attic during the initial appointment and as needed moving forward.
Installation and annual maintenance of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System® with Always Active™ technology.
Flea treatments provided as needed, for the extra layer of protection you deserve.
Installation and maintenance of rodent bait stations to reduce rodent pressure.
We will spray or treat around the perimeter of your home by applying product where pests enter the structure, where they trail or crawl and hide, or where their nests are found.
We will apply a granular treatment on the ground surrounding the perimeter of your home in a five-foot band.
We will sweep around entryways and under eaves of the home to remove accessible spider webs and wasp nests. Screened in pool enclosures are not considered part of the home’s structure, but a Specialized Spider Treatment can be added to include your lanai screens.
Routine quarterly service to maintain pest prevention. Any concerns that arise between regularly scheduled visits, will be handled promptly and free of charge.

Learn More About HomeGuard Premier

Complete Protection Against Indoor & Outdoor Pests

Our HomeGuard Pest Prevention PREMIER Plan truly is the most comprehensive solution to pest control. Still at an unbelievably good price, this plan incorporates all of the services from our other plans with our top-notch mosquito control. After all, as wonderful as a pest-free home is, it is only complete when you also have a pest-free yard.


Why do I need mosquito control?

As proud Florida residents, we know more than anyone how nice it is to enjoy wonderful weather all year long. However, when your yard is infested with mosquitoes, spending time outdoors becomes the last thing you want to do. It is also important to recognize that aside from their itchy bites, mosquitoes have the ability to put your loved ones at risk as they are often carriers of dangerous viruses like Zika and West Nile. With the inclusion of our effective and family-friendly mosquito control in our HomeGuard Pest Prevention PREMIER plan, you get to reap the benefits of having a pest-free home AND yard.

Is this plan affordable?

Just like all of our other pest prevention plans, we have designed and developed the HomeGuard Pest Prevention PREMIER Plan to be an effective and affordable option for homeowners. Our goal is to not only keep our customers safe and comfortable in a pest-free home, but also help save them money in the long run. Proper prevention today means less money for treatment in the future! And, on top of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed with every one of our plans!

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Our Guarantee

If, in the unlikely event your pests return, we will re-service your home for no additional cost to you. No questions asked. We guarantee it.

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