Southwest Florida Mosquitoes – Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Can you imagine life in Southwest Florida without mosquito control? But why do mosquitoes bite anyway? Are they just mean and out to get you for no reason?

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Well, the truth is, only female mosquitoes bite.

Their mouths are designed to be able to pierce your skin and suck the nutrients from your blood that allow them to produce eggs.

Human blood is thick and tends to coagulate when it’s exposed to air, but the mosquito works around this problem by injecting saliva into your body at the site of the bite. This fluid is an anticoagulant, which lets your blood flow freely. Unfortunately, this process is what makes your skin itchy and inflamed where the mosquito has bitten you. It’s also how mosquitoes spread diseases to humans and animals.

Some people may feel like their getting bitten more than others, and that may be true! Mosquitoes have been proven to be more attracted to people who are:

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  • Active or fidgety
  • Pregnant
  • Blonde haired
  • Female
  • Type O Blood

If you’ve been outdoors, especially at dusk, and notice red swollen bumps that feel itchy, you’ve probably been victim of a mosquito bite. Your reaction may not happen immediately after the mosquito bites you, but may take several hours for the red bump to develop.

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Southwest Florida Mosquites

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