Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms

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With more than 75 different whiteflies reported in Florida alone, these small, winged insects can wreak havoc on your palm trees, fruit trees, plants, and even your cherished outdoor space.

Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms Include Wilted, Unhealthy Leaves

Spiraling whiteflies feed off the underside of a leaf, stealing the nutrients needed to maintain healthy foliage.

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Therefore, if you are noticing wilted leaves, stunted growth, dropping fronds, or yellowing on your palm trees, this could be a sign of a potential spiraling whitefly infestation.

Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms include White, Waxy Coatings

Have you noticed a waxy, white film on your plants’ leaves? This is called honeydew. Females lay eggs on the underside of leaves in a concentric circular or spiral pattern and cover it with honeydew. Eggs are elliptical and creamy white to dark yellow in color.

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Take a look around your outdoor space. Adult females sometimes lay their eggs on cars, boats, windows, patios, and pool enclosures. If neglected, spiraling whiteflies can multiply quickly, producing thousands of flies on a single plant.

Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms Include Black, Sooty Mold

Noticing a black, moldy substance coating on your plants?

Honeydew promotes the growth of black, sooty mold. Spores of a sooty mold attach to the leaf and feast on the honeydew. When plants get covered in mold, they lose the ability to photosynthesize light into food. If this process worsens, it can lead to early leaf drop. You may also notice this black, sooty substance on your outdoor furniture.

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To be sure spiraling whiteflies are the culprit, contact us for a complete evaluation.

Spiraling Whitefly Treatment

If you notice white spirals forming on leaves, take immediate action. If you want to DIY, wash the affected plants off with a strong stream of water. Follow up with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil sprayed once a week for approximately 4 weeks. If needed, repeat the process.

For more severe infestations, you made need to turn to an insecticide.

Our Recommended Treatment For Spiraling Whitefly Symptoms

We recommend preventative treatments, especially if you’ve already spotted Rugose Spiraling Whiteflies in your area.

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Treatments are applied every 6 months and assure your landscaping is protected and you never have to see your beloved palms suffer.

The first step to deciding whether your landscape needs to be treated is to schedule your free inspection.
Once we determine it is a spiraling whitefly infestation, you can rest assured that within a few days to a couple of weeks the infestation will be controlled, and your trees will begin to heal. Because of the long-lasting systemic product we use, your trees and plants will also be protected from future infestations.

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