Subterranean Termite Control – Find them, BEFORE they find you!

Could your home have termites?

You may not be aware of subterranean termites in your home until they’ve caused severe damage, reducing floor joists and load-bearing beams to the equivalent of cardboard.

That’s why it’s extremely rewarding when we’re able to protect against a termite infestation with early detection during a routine inspection!

Recently our service tech, Chip Beatty, was inspecting for ants in the shrubs outside a home in Fort Myers, when he stumbled across live termites feeding on an ixoria plant. Once identified, he notified the homeowners and explained the threat subterranean termites pose to their home.

They were fortunate to have the opportunity to get subterranean termite control, before any damage was done to their home. It’s not common to find termites this way, but from time to time we do find them feeding on plants and trees very close to the home.

For continuous 24/7 protection against subterranean termites, we recommend installing the Sentricon Colony Elimination System® with Always Active™ technology.

Here’s how this highly effective system works:

  • An Authorized Setricon Operator from Larue will inspect your property for signs of termites.
  • We then place Sentricon Stations containing Recruit HD termite bait in the soil, forming a ring around the home.
  • Termites enter the station and immediately begin feeding on the bait.
  • Worker termites ingest and share the bait with their colony resulting in death to the entire colony and their queen!

The reason this system is so effective is because the bait is actually preferred by termites over wood, so they devour it faster than wood. Subterranean termites are highly sensitive to changes in their ecosystem, but this clever system is so inviting and works slowly enough to spread throughout the colony without them detecting any changes.

It’s also important to note that Sentricon® with Always Active™ is environmentally responsible. It’s the only termite control product ever to win the Green Chemistry Challenge Award, a top federal environmental honor.

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