The Heart of the Matter: Your Bed Bug Mattress

We mentioned before that Bed Bugs don’t just stick to beds…

Bed bug on mattress

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But, the fact of the matter is that beds are the most reliable place for bed bugs to hang out because that’s where their food sleeps for 8 hours a night (well, more like 6.5 these days…that’s another issue).

So, while you’re getting your sleep, those bed bugs are making your mattress a bed bug mattress. A single intricate bed frame or mattress can hold a wealth of choice areas for bed bugs to hide so careful, meticulous inspection is a must.

A standard mattress, however, is most likely to house bedbugs along the sewn piping material running along the outer edges on both the top and bottom sides of the mattress.

The common bed bug is also most likely to hide in certain sections or parts of various types of beds if the segments are, in fact, present (i.e., hiding in the wooden head or footboard, for example, if the bed has one).

Bed bugs may also quietly nest themselves under the cover of various materials and lie completely still for long periods making detection even more difficult.

Do you want your custom-made-for-your-bad-back-mattress becoming a bed bug mattress? Obviously not.

If you’re worried that your mattress has become a bed bug mattress, you can look for clues like, we hate to say it, but eh…defecation.

This is an indirect sign that bed bugs may possibly have taken bed rest in your mattress.

More specifically, bed bug poo is solidly black or nearly and often appears as dots or specks similar in appearance to a dried drop of ink. So unless you’ve been writing your memoir in your bed all these years and never washing your sheets, you might be able to pinpoint this tell-tale sign of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Droppings

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