Want to Know the 5 Most Expensive Things That Can Happen to Your home? Investopedia’s Tara Struyk and NBC-2 News Bring You the Ways to Prevent Them

That’s right folks, getting your home…

Treated for bed bugs can cost you!

Bed bugs have been ranked amongst mold, sewer line problems, water damage, and foundation problems as 1 of the most expensive things that can happen to your home.

To completely rid your home of these nasty little critters it could cost you around $5,000.

With the recent resurgence of populations of these little vampiric foes, it’s important that you and your family try to prevent them at all costs.

So here’s a few preventative measures to get you started on protecting your home:

  • Stay away from used furniture. (Especially a mattress or bedding)
  • Check hotel furniture when traveling.
  • Don’t place luggage on floor when traveling.

Bed Bug Treatments can definitely get expensive but it has more to do with the complexity and time involved more so than the cost of the products used. You have to sit back and look around in any room you are in and think about every crack or crevice or area that an insect that small could go and you have to treat it. And then thorough inspection and monitoring in the weeks after treatment needs to be performed.

To throw in another variable, bedbugs are already becoming resistant to some of the chemistry out there.

Hopefully you and your family can stay bed bug free!

If you would like to learn more about these pests, check out this eBook, “Bed Bugs: 12 Tips to Help You Sleep Easy.”

The eBook also contains a free bed bug travel check list to make sure that you are avoiding these pests when you’re on the go.

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– Keith