What are the effects of termite damage?

Termite damage can be quite alarming. Some types of
subterranean termites can consume 15 pounds of wood per week.
Unprotected buildings and wooden structures are prone to termite damage. It is imperative to find the problem early, because the damage happens from the inside out.

Since their habitual nature is to remain hidden, termite damage
remains unnoticed for quite some time before being discovered. Once
they get inside, it becomes worse. The termites will feast on paper,
cloth, carpets and other cellulosic materials.

Termites have been reproducing on Earth for more than 200 million years and there are A LOT
of them! If you can believe it, they outweigh the humans on Earth.
The reason they cause so much damage is because their colonies use
decentralized, self-organized systems of activity that are guided by a
swarm intelligence to locate food. You can bet that if you have one
termite, you have the entire family close behind.

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