What is the bedbugFREE network?

If you’ve never experienced bed bugs for yourself, we can tell you that dealing with an infestation can be very stressful and emotional. Many times, consumers find false information, poor products and uninformed pest management companies. 

BedBug Central is the nation’s most authoritative information resource. Their website offers educational information to the public regarding bed bugs and bed bug related issues. In an effort to help people find qualified pest management firms who are fully equipped with the resources and training needed to properly address bed bugs, they created the bedbugFREE network. 

bedbugFREE is a network of like-minded companies sharing the philosophies of BedBug Central. In addition to bedbug training, Larue Pest Management, Inc. had to undergo a rigorous screening process overseen by research entomologists Jeffrey White, to be accepted into this elite network.

It was very important for us to become a bedbugFREE approved company, as a way of demonstrating our true commitment to a higher level of service to the homeowners and businesses that we serve.

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